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Adam Michael Curry

1115 Terrace Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO

I am well versed in multiple disciplines of the design and marketing genre … print, web site design, dynamic media, large format, identity, environmental and audio/video. I have experience in many different media types from small to large format.

I have designed the lapel pins distributed to all of the U.S. Olympic Team athletes and delegation … I was the designer and project manager for USA House in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games — a 42,000 square foot venue. I have designed and developed web sites, from content-heavy corporate portals to sites for small businesses.

I have been a business owner, freelancer and employee in my field since 1998, and I understand the complexities of relationships in the workplace, and between client and vendor. Truly understanding a client's desires and concerns is paramount to communication. It is this understanding which makes communication arts successful.

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