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Adam Michael Curry

1115 Terrace Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO


Brand management and protection
~ Identity is important to any institution; the manner in which it is used dictates perception.

Management of creative agency design teams
~ When design assistance is required, proper management of that relationship guides the success of that venture.

Large-scale project management
~ The big picture of delivery should not hamper the creative process. Designers should have their autonomy and thus be proud to be held accountable.

17 years experience in graphic design

16 years experience in print media including electronic pre-press

College instructor in web and graphic design

Identity design
~ Crafting an identity is much more than a logotype and requires the backing of research.

14 years experience in web services, design and development
~ Dreamweaver is a powerful tool, but the underlying code is how the web works.

Environmental design
~ Designing for a physical environment requires unique attention — building wraps, interior spaces, campus branding … these all require an experienced perspective.

Eco-friendly design and production trends and tools

Photo color correction and image manipulation

Expertise in color management systems and practices

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